Mary Diggory 


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Mary Diggory Therapies

can assist with the following:


  • Back Pain    

  • Chronic Joint Pain 

  • Constipation     

  • Detoxing    

  • Depression    

  • Emotional Stress    

  • Exercise Induced Muscle Fatigue    

  • Heartburn    

  • Insomnia    

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome    

  • Low Energy Levels    

  • Lymphatic Stagnation    

  • M.E.    

  • Obesity    

  • Physical Performance    

  • Postural Issues    

  • Pre-Menstrual Tension    

  • Pre-Marathon Preparation    

  • Sinus Tension    

  • Skin Conditions 

Therapies available:


Remedial Massage Therapy

To assist with short and long term pain and muscular tension. Using a range of massage techniques, overworked muscles can be released and weak muscles stimulated.

A full postural assessment is required during the initial consultation to gain understanding of muscular imbalances and devise an appropriate treatment plan. This is very helpful in assisting the clients own body awareness and looking at postural habits which may be contributing to their discomfort.

Following the treatment aftercare advice is offered which includes simple exercises and stretches to further benefit the muscular system.


Sports Massage/ Deep tissue massage

Pre-event massage to prepare muscles.

Maintenance massage to assist recovery and re- balancing of muscle function between events.

Post event including deep tissue massage to flush out dull, sometimes painful and restricted muscles.

Assisted stretching is often part of a Sports massage to optimise function and balance in the muscular system.

This massage is not exclusively beneficial to sports people. Some people with sedentary jobs such as some office workers, can benefit from a deep tissue massage to alleviate stagnation and the issues which can arise from this.


Reflexology for Feet plus NEW for 2018 Facial Reflexology

This ancient form of foot massage induces relaxation whilst supporting re-balancing and healing in the systems of the body. Facial Reflexology- Deeply relaxing and nurturing whilst supporting healing and brightening the face.

Appropriate pressure- gauged by the the tissue response and clients comfort-is applied to specific areas over the feet which are understood to relate to the systems in the body.This treatment is very calming and the client is not required to alter position so deep relaxation is often achieved.

Facial Reflexology- Deeply relaxing and nurturing whilst supporting healing and brightening the face.


Lymphatic drainage massage

Light, rhythmic, minimal stretches are applied to the skin from the face to the toes to stimulate lymph capillaries in the skin to gently release residual Lymph and support it’s flow through and out of the body.

The treatment is gentle and relaxing as well as highly beneficial to clients who are looking to:

Energise, Detox, Assist weight loss- by eliminating excessive fluid retention, Improve sleep, Reduce headaches and general aches and pains, Assist fatigue, Relax and de-stress.


Swedish Massage

Flowing, moderate depth massage to assist the circulatory system whilst calming nerve endings in the skin.

Can assist with a number of issues:

Stress-physical and emotional, Fatigue, Pre-menstrual tension, Irritable bowel, Constipation, Muscle tension, General aches and pains, Depression, Anxiety.